Salam Sejahtera to us all.

First - let me welcome the availability of public services and information on the Industry and Trade of the Province of West Kalimantan through the Internet network owned by the Department of Industry and Trade Prov. West Kalimantan.

It is inevitable that the current availability and speed of information gain is the key to success in carrying out activities related to the Industry and Trade as well as the sector - other sectors.

Realizing this, Disperindag Prov. West Kalimantan trying to display the information in the form of E-Govermence services, so that the whole community, especially the Industry and Commerce, can access data that is available in the Office of Industry Prov web pages. West Kalimantan.

Some of the data we are trying to show, among others:

1 Overview (Auth) Office of Industry Prov. WK

2 Indag Strategic Plan 2013-2018

3 Indag Work Plan 2017

4 Potential Industry and Commerce held West Kalimantan

5. Services by Unit Type - A unit within the Office of Industry Prov. WK

6 General Procedures for Export and Import

7 Links to various Ministry and the Agency relating to Industry and Commerce

8. activities within the Department of Industry Prov. West Kalimantan

9 And Gallery Photographs Featured Products Industry (Small, Medium and Large) and market (folk / modern) located in West Kalimantan.

Hopefully what we produce can provide input to further drive the industry and trade sector, all of which will lead to the Improvement of Public Welfare, in particular through the development of communities of West Kalimantan Economic Democracy.

We realize that there are still many shortcomings contained in this site and for future content / contents of the Web Office of Industry Prov. WK will continue to be improved, both in terms of the amount and type of information and zoom.

Finally, we expect the input and support of various parties in order to increase our services as technical institutions in charge of Industry and Trade.